Tools supplier in Cape Town

DIY and Professional tools

Extreme Chemicals are suppliers of an extensive range of tools, which includes all the basics and extends to the more advanced tools used by professional tradesmen…

Our inventory includes everything from small hand tools suited to the home toolbox, to some of the larger more specialised tools, used by building contractors, tradesmen and other industries.

Superior Chemicals and Detergents supplied thoughout Cape Town

Popular tools and hardware

We sell and an extensive range of tools that individually would list in the 1000’s, below are our most popular categories.
Contact Us for pricing & enquiries for these or any other tool product you are interested in; chances are we can supply!

Wide range of drill bits for all jobs

Drill Bits

We supply quality Wood, Masonry & Steel Drill Bits including SDS drill bits. Contact us for prices.

We sell Hammers & Mallets for DIY & Professional use

Hammers & Mallets

Selection of hammers for all jobs, including Claw, Ball Pein, Cross/Straight Pein, Mallets & Sledge Hammers.

Supplier of Spanners and Ratchets in Cape Town

Spanners & Ratchets

Quality Spanners, Ratchets and Wrenches from leading brands. Individual tools or complete sets available.

Cape Town suppier of Pliers, Grips & Cutters

Pliers, Grips & Cutters

All types of Pliers from wire cutting, stripping & crimping to regular lineman’s or long-nose pliers.

Supplier of Screwdrivers Cape Town


We have a wide selection of Screwdrivers, Screwdriver Sets and Screwdriver Accessories for sale.

Lumber Crayons for Sale in Cape Town

Lumber Crayons

Hexagonal extruded wax markers best suited for timber, rock, rough surfaces and railroad marking.

Supplier of aerosol Spray Paint

Spray Paint

Corrosion Block Waterproof Grease out performs other greases and meets NLGI GC-LB requirements.

Supplier of PPE Equipment in Cape Town

PPE Equipment

Wide range of approved PPE Equipment available to keep your employees safe & your company HSE compliant.

Cape Town Distributor of Tools and Hardware

We have a massive range of Tools & Hardware. Contact Us for product info and pricing.
Important: Delivery is subject to location & order quantity.